The new Regulation (EU) 650/2012 and the cross-border hereditary successions

Recently the Regulation EU 650/2012 on the cross-border successions has been published in the Official journal of the European Union. The Regulation completes the work begun time ago by the EU on this subject and it plugs the legislative vacuum in this specific field.


The foreign transfer of a company seat: enforcement of the new Czech regulations

The principle of the freedom of establishment is provided for by the EC Treaty for both the persons and the companies, equalizing the ones to the others. With reference to the companies, the concrete implementation of such kind of freedom can be, in some case, poorly facilitated by the domestic regulations of the states.


Company law:

  • establishing, dissolution and liquidation of companies,
  • ensuring of ,,offshore companies“,
  • changes of establishment and registered office of the companies
  • transfers of shares or stocks,
  • conversions of business companies (merger, acquisition, legal and tax due diligence, separation of company, sale and lease of enterprise),
  • commercial registry procedure, communication with competent authorities ,
  • bankruptcy law ,
  • business of non-residential entities on territory of Czech Republic

Contract Law:

  • legal analysis, statements, meetings, preparation,
  • execution of the contracts and their changes and agreements, business and contractual conditions and unilateral legal acts ,
  • ensuring of contractual relationships,
  • claim management and transfer of claims,
  • exercise of claims from breach of contracts included disputes about damages,

Real Estates Law:

  • preparation, execution of the contracts and their changes in the matter of purchase, transfer or alienation of real estate,
  • legal interests – pawn and real burden,
  • procedure before Cadastral registry and others authorities,
  • lease of flats and non-residential premise,

Employment law:

  • preparation, execution of the employment contracts and their changes and agreements and ,unilateral legal acts
  • preparation of internal rules of procedure of the employer,
  • legal acts related with termination of employment,
  • liability for damages and compensatory damages,

Civil law:

  • legal analysis, statements, meetings,
  • preparation, execution of the contracts and their changes and unilateral legal acts,
  • legal interests,
  • protection of personality,
  • claims and means of consumer protection,
  • law of succession,

Family law:

  • relations between husband and wife included property matters,
  • divorce of marriage,
  • parental rights for children,
  • issue of alimony,
  • determination of paternity, adoption,
  • settlement of marital property,

Construction law:

  • legal analysis, statements,
  • advices for construction or changing of real estates,
  • preparation for constructions, proposals, requests,
  • representation in proceedings before administrative and others authorities

Disputable agenda

  • representation in proceedings in a court of law and administrative procedures,
  • arbitration proceeding,
  • preparation and execution of filling, proposals, action, precautions, discretionary remedies, proposals for enforcement of judgment, proposals for execution,
  • representation in proceedings about offences and other administrative offences

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