The new Regulation (EU) 650/2012 and the cross-border hereditary successions

Recently the Regulation EU 650/2012 on the cross-border successions has been published in the Official journal of the European Union. The Regulation completes the work begun time ago by the EU on this subject and it plugs the legislative vacuum in this specific field.


The relationship between the managing director and the company: the new article 66 d of the Czech Commercial Code in force as of the 1st January 2012

According to the articles 134 and 135 of the Czech Commercial Code, the duties of the administrative body of a company consists in managing the company, keeping regularly the accounting, informing the members about every circumstance which is relevant for the company.


Reproduction of musical works – Copyright – Collective management organizations

On the last 24/11/2011 the European Court of Justice intervened once again in the matter of copyright, this time in particular giving interpretation to the notion of “communication of a work to a public”. That, in this specific case, in order to decide on the legitimacy of an obligation to pay to a collective management organization which handles copyright the relevant fees arising from the use of protected works and that are related to those rights.


The International child abduction. Notes on Italy and the Czech Republic

On an International level is always more growing the commitment to make efficient the integration among citizens from different States.


The foreign transfer of a company seat: enforcement of the new Czech regulations

The principle of the freedom of establishment is provided for by the EC Treaty for both the persons and the companies, equalizing the ones to the others. With reference to the companies, the concrete implementation of such kind of freedom can be, in some case, poorly facilitated by the domestic regulations of the states.


The amendments to the Labour Code, mainly introduced by the Act n. 365/2011, effective from the 01.01.2012

Firstly, it is important to consider that, globally, the amendments introduced by the Act n. 365/2011 (the so called “Big reform law”) are 323 and that through this article have been treated only and generally the main and most significant amendments on the employer’s point of view. It is also important to consider that this article is aimed at those employers-companies that are not subjected to the trade union rules.


Community mark and infringements

The last 12 April 2011, the European Court of Justice has issued a decision on an interesting matter concerning the Community trade mark and its protection inside the EU area. In particular, the Court has furnished a Community oriented interpretation about the Regulation (EC) 40/94 on the Community trade mark (currently repealed and replaced by the recent Regulation (EC) 207/2009).


More affordable the protection of "small claims" by the European procedure

The European Union, in order both to ensure a single area of justice in the Community and even to guarantee the access to justice, has been working long since at issuing a series of acts in the civil and commercial matter.


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